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Mobile Attorney Brenda Drendel Hetrick has devoted her practice to helping individuals and businesses with foreclosure and bankruptcy issues.

An Attorney since 1995, she has represented thousands of clients faced with foreclosure and bankruptcy issues in the Southern District of Alabama which includes the Mobile area.

Mortgage lenders typically initiate a foreclosure when someone gets too far behind on home or other real property loan payments for the purpose of selling your home or other real property and then applies the money from the sale toward payment of your debt.

Two of the documents you signed when you initially got your mortgage were the "Note" and the "Mortgage".

  • The Note - your personal promise to pay for the money you borrowed from the mortgage lender.
  • The Mortgage - your agreement to serve up your home or other real property as "collateral" for the loan.

By doing so, you allowed the mortgage lender to put a lien on your real property.

Bankruptcy may be able to save your home. As an example, if you have fallen behind in your payments you can file Chapter 13 bankruptcy before the final foreclosure deadline, which essentially, brings the payments up-to-date and may give you up to 5 years to make up the missed payments.

If your Alabama home or real property is in foreclosure or you have been threatened with foreclosure, experienced bankruptcy attorney Brenda Hetrick will be able to help.

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